Effective appellate advocacy often requires different skills, experience, and strategy than those required for successful trial advocacy. In recognition of these differences, our appellate advocacy group, composed of both experienced appellate practitioners and former appellate clerks, provides a full range of appellate services, from a realistic, objective analysis of the likely success of a case on appeal to handling the matter through completion of the appellate process.
Our appellate attorneys have experience handling appeals and extraordinary writs in a variety of matters arising from both state and federal trial courts. The firm's appellate advocacy group possesses an intimate familiarity with appellate procedure, persuasive writing ability, a keen understanding of the law, and the experience necessary to deal with complicated records and legal issues.
Representative Cases:

Lang v. Superior Court, 170 Ariz. 602, 826 P.2d 1228 (App. 1992)
Little v. Superior Court, 180 Ariz. 328, 884 P.2d 214 (App. 1994)
Ahwatukee Custom Estates Management Ass’n, Inc. v. Bach, 193 Ariz. 401, 943 P.2d 106 (1999)
Burke v. Voicestream Wireless Corp. II, 207 Ariz. 393, 87 P.3d 81 (App. 2004)
Tyman v. Hintz Concrete, Inc., et al., 214 Ariz. 73, 148 P.3d 1146 (2006)
Raimey v. Hon. J. Ditsworth et al., 2011 WL 2926811 (App. 2011), 613 Ariz. Adv. Rep. 34
Dreamland Villa Community Club, Inc. v. Raimey, 224 Ariz. 42, 226 P.3d 411 2010
McNally v. Sun Lakes Homeowners Association #1, Inc. (2016)
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Steven W. Cheifetz
Claudio E. Iannitelli
John C. Marcolini

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