Steven W. Cheifetz

Steven W. Cheifetz
Biography: Steven W. Cheifetz started the firm in 1989 as a sole practitioner handling a variety of legal matters.  Over the years Steve has developed extensive experience in construction disputes, complex commercial litigation and homeowners association litigation to a name of few of his practice areas.  Steve's first significant case was representing neighbors in the White Mountains against a multi-national paper firm with logging facilities in Eager, Arizona.  As a result of leaking underground petroleum tanks, his client's properties were contaminated.  Steve was able to establish that the paper company’s storage tanks were the source of the contamination and that they had ignored the problem for many years, resulting in a significant settlement for his clients.  With the money earned from that matter, Steve was able to hire Claudio E. Iannitelli, with whom he became equal partners.  Mr. Cheifetz and Mr. Iannitelli thereafter began to grow the firm by handling a wide variety of construction related disputes and collection matters, and with the addition of John C. Marcolini, they were able to develop the broad based practice enjoyed by the firm today.

Steve has significant experience with construction payment claims and construction defect matters.  Steve has represented owners, suppliers, sub-contractors, general contractors, developers and architects in all facets of construction related litigation.  Steve has handled construction defect claims resulting in settlements worth millions of dollars for his clients.

Steve has established a significant practice in the area of homeowners association litigation.  Steve's practice in this area began when Steve was assigned a case by the Maricopa County Volunteer Lawyers Program to represent homeowners whose home was being foreclosed upon by their homeowners association for the alleged non-payment of assessments.  The case progressed to trial in Maricopa County Superior Court where Steve was able to obtain a verdict in the favor of his clients and his clients were able to keep their home.  After that case, Steve began receiving referrals from a lobbyist at the Arizona Legislature who promoted the rights of homeowners association members.  Steve thereafter developed a substantial practice representing homeowners who had allegedly been victimized by the heavy-handed practices of certain homeowners associations.  Eventually Steve's practice progressed to the point where Steve was not only representing homeowners against their associations, but also representing homeowners associations and homeowners association management companies.  Currently Steve's practice focuses on the representation of homeowners and management companies in homeowners association related litigation.

Steve has also successfully litigated claims involving the rights of inmates on behalf of the incarcerated and has been recognized as a volunteer attorney of the month by the Maricopa County Bar Association for his pro bono representation of indigent clients.  He previously brought a claim against Maricopa County for the failure to provide appropriate medical care to an incarcerated inmate.  That case proceeded to a jury trial and Steve obtained a verdict against Maricopa County for $750,000.00.

Throughout this process, Steve has sought to help the "little guy" when possible. Steve W. Cheifetz's and Claudio E. Iannitelli's first published Opinion Lang v. Superior Court, involved their representation of an elderly woman against a car dealership for fraud. Steve contacted former employees to gather evidence supporting their fraud claims and the car dealership argued that it was unethical to talk to the car dealership's former employees without the car dealership's attorney being present. As a sanction, the judge precluded Steve from using the testimony of the former employees at trial. Steve and Claudio won on appeal on this issue, which resulted in a published Opinion in 1992 that still sets the parameters as to when an attorney may communicate with former employees of a represented party. Steve has also obtained favorable published Opinions before the Arizona Court of Appeals on homeowners association matters and before the Arizona Supreme Court regarding the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure.

Practice Areas:
Commercial Litigation; Construction Litigation; Homeowners Association (HOA) Litigation; Creditors' Rights
Bars: Arizona (1988)
Courts: U.S. Court of Federal Claims; U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona; All state courts in Arizona.
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ (B.S., 1984)
Arizona State University College of Law, Tempe, AZ (J.D., 1987)
Reported Cases:
Norwest Bank Arizona, N.A. v United States, 37 Fed. CI. 605 (1997); Lang v Superior Court, 170 Ariz. 602, 826 P.2d 1228 (Ariz. App. 1992); Tyman v. Hintz Concrete, Inc., et al., 214 Ariz. 73, 148 P.3d 1146 (2006); Dreamland Villa Community Club, Inc. v. Raimey, 224 Ariz. 42, 226 P.3d 411 (2010); Raimey v. Hon. J. Ditsworth et al., 227 Ariz. 552, 261 P.3d 436 (2011); McNally v. Sun Lakes Homeowners Association #1, Inc. 240 Ariz. 534, 382 P.3d 1216 (2016)
News Articles:
7 Years of Conflict Over HOA leaves Dreamland Villa bitter; David v. Goliath: Cheifetz assists HOA disputes; Apache Wells holds election; A tree grows in Gilbert, neighbors threaten lawsuit; Court rules against Mesa HOA ; Cheifetz settles with Stone Forest Industries; Band of citizens call into question HOA management group banking practices
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Controlling HOAs
HOA Legislation Forum
Senate Government Committee SB 1401
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